Party Photography!

Only $299 when added with your photo booth package.

We offer INSTANT photo prints on site at your event!  WOW!!!

A Party Photographer is fun for everyone!  Wedding receptions, corporate events, birthdays galore!


Hire AwesomeBooth as your PARTY photographer and get those shots most high priced photographers don't get!


Table shots - Guest photos - Dance floor scenes - Bouquet & Garter Toss - Group photos - Golf Outings - Sports Teams - Prom & Formal dances - and much much more!  


Yes, hard to believe but it is true, most photographers miss out on party photos, because they are ONLY focused on the "guests of honor" and NOT the guests!

4" x 6" and 5" x 7" INSTANT photo prints available including photo frames. Affordable prints from $3-$5 depending on which options you choose.


Guests may have the option of purchasing photos or we can put together a print package for you and offer free prints for your guests, your choice!  Many options to choose from.  This is a great addition to any event, even if you already have a protographer for your formal and candid shots.   Don't miss out on your priceless memories!

Most photographers DO NOT offer instant on site printing...Get your photos fast with AwesomeBooth!

Something to consider:





Most wedding photographers are with you the entire day, this is what commands their high prices and it is well worth it for their time and effort.  Many packages are "timed" meaning you only get that person for so many hours, and usually have to pay extra for remote shoots, i.e. going from the church to a park then to the reception.  Multiple locations = $$$...  Believe me when I say: I have heard from many photographers that by the time they get to the party, they are WORE OUT and ready to "get out of there".  Hey, were all human and get exhausted from a full days work.  Just as some brides change from a wedding gown into a party dress, it is a smart decision to have someone who is FRESH and READY for your most important occasion!


 I have personally witnessed (while working the photo booth) countless bouquet tosses, anniversary dances, chinese lantern lightings and sparkler send-off MISSED PHOTOS because the photographer high tailed it out of there after the first dance (because their time was up).  A small investment will be a BIG pay off capturing those priceless memories and moments of your special occasion.  That is why I am offering this service at a very affordable price, to make happy brides and create receptions your guests will remember and talk about for years to come!