NEW for 2014, Ipad photo sharing app.  Social Media at it's BEST!

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Note: Requires WIFI intiernet connection at your venu, which most hotels and banquet facilities have.  Probably will not work at a VFW etc...  if they do not have (strong signal) wireless internet.

Imagine having an IPAD on every table and being able to view all the photo booth photos INSTANTLY!


Simply tell your guests, "BRING YOUR IPADS!!!"  HOW FUN!


See the photos instantly!


Share on Facebook, Twitter, or Email - RIGHT AT THE PARTY!


2 Options for this service:  You can bring your own I-Pad and download all photos at the end of the night (provided your venue has WIFI internet)  no extra charge.  Works with multiple ipads... you could have an ipad on every table, endless possibilities!


We bring our own IPAD to your party - NOW INCLUDED!

Your photo booth operator will text and email digital photos to guests email and cell phons, INSTANTLY right at the party!


Other booths charge between $75 - $225 for this service...AwesomeBooth gives it to you FREE!


people are just loving this feature and we're one of the few services to even offer this!  Another great reason to choose